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Insect Repellent Patch

Tried for the very first time by myself & friend who both are always bitten by mosquito's when abroad... Not a single bite by either of us ... A fantastic product ... Well done! - Indeg Jones

I first started using the patches in Australia, I visited Ayres Rock and whilst my other companions were bitten, I remained bite free. I would not travel without them. - Mr. Frost

I used these patches on a trip to Kenya and they were very effective. I only came home with one bite instead of being covered all over!! Brilliant product - Miss Yates

I bought the patches for the 1st time at the Destinations Show 07 in London, I really didn't think they would work! They were fantastic! No problems, one visable bite in 2 trips only. Definately recommend them - buy them now!! - Mr. Kelly

When we were in Kenya (Aug 07) we forgot we had the patches for the first week on safari - my daughter was bitten all over, but once we remembered the patches, the difference was amazing, not another bite for the 2 weeks on the coast. - Mrs. Edwards

I used these patches in the jungle in Ecuador and compared to other people's 20 bites (who were smothered in DEET) i only had 2! I am normally one to be eaten alive. I showered and swam with it too. Brilliant, thank you, will buy again and recommend. - Helen Turner

Travelled to Africa using the Natural Patches Insect Repellent - No Bites! - Rougier, Laindon, Essex
Used in Malaysia last year and they were excellent.  Worked Well. - Alison Hogg, Watford
These patches are great.  I usually get very badly bitten but only received 1 bite on my trip through Central America. - Lyn Wright, Egham
My daughter usually is eaten alive and she didn't have any bites.  We have now used them in St Lucia, Mauritius, Egypt and Turkey - Julie Whitehead

I used the patches when I was in the jungle for 2 days in Ecuador in August 2006 and was not bitten by any insects. More significantly I gave some to one of my travelling companions who had been bitten a couple of days previously when we were by a river and whose bites had swollen up - he told me he is very allergic to bites. For the couple of days we were in the jungle when he wore the patches he didn't appear to have been bitten. I'll test out the patches again when I travel next to a tropical climate. - Gill, Wilmslow, Cheshire

I Have suffered badly over the years with insect bites either on holiday or merely sitting out in the garden during the summer.....but no more since the arrival of these ingenious, easy to apply patches. I would recommend anyone just to try them for a week and see the difference. - Wilson, Beeley, Derbyshire

I am sure that Omezone provides an effective biting insect deterrent. After a recent 2 week caravan holiday adjacent to trees and fresh water when plenty of exposed flesh was available, I was only bitten once. It seems to be effective against midges and mosquitoes but not horse flies. - Lambscote, Lower Brailes ,Oxon.

My children are usually bitten to death when visiting the beach in Spain in the evenings.  7 or 8 bites per visit would be usual, after using the Insect Repellent Patches – I was amazed we now only get an occasional bite – they are great.  Can’t rate them high enough. - Staniforth, London

We're constantly bothered with mosquitoes where we live and with the OmeZone patch, we haven't had a mosquitoe bite in months!! - Steven & Deb, New Jersey

We used the patches in New Zealand, we found them particularly effective against Sanflies. - H Sumerfield.

My wife and I used your patches whilst in Kenya alongside out anti marlaria medication.  They were extremely easy and effective to use.  My wife usually suffers terribly from bites. - J Cummings, Leicester.
We visited Nepal and Bhutan using the patches as directed and were not bitten at all!  Most efficient! - Robert & Mary Hummand, Masterfield, Wiltshire.

The Insect Repellent Patches seem to stop Mosquitoes and Sand-Fly bites to a minimum and less likely to inflame.  The only downside is the smell of Vitamin B which seems to attach to cloes.  However it is still worth it. Used the Insect Repellent Patches in Antigua and Tobago.  Will buy again. - Howarth, Clitheroe.
Used the Insect Repellent Patches in Vietnam and India.  Simple to use.  Patches did not come off.  Did not get bitten. Will buy again. -  Hayes, Nottingham
I used the Insect Repellent Patches for two weeks and never had one bite.  Will buy again.  Happy with the product. Used them in Dominican Republic. - P Bullsau, Dudley, West Midlands
They actually worked, I could forget the Insects were there. Good product.  Used in Florida. - S Southwick, Callow End.
Actually worked better than anything else Ihave ever tried.  Used in the Caribbean.  Will buy again.  - M Elleman, Burton On Trent.
The Patches protect me from all biting insects and no noticeable smell.  Great Product! - T O'Hagan, Belfast

We took some insect repellent patches with us on our holiday to Italy in the summer.  On the first night before I remembered to use them my son was bitten about 20 times.  From then on we remembered and throughout the whole holiday he didn’t receive another bite.  They were fantastic and I just wish I had bought enough for the whole family!  We definitely will next time.  - Susie, Derbyshire


This product has not only helped my arthritis but it has also helped with my psoriasis, clearing the majority of it up. Most definately a great purchase! I will be telling all my friends and family of this product. It arrived as promised the following day and I can not fault the product at all, very easy to apply! - Donna Roper


I was very impressed with the service I got from Natural Patches, my order arrived the next morning and I only placed my order at 3.30pm. The SlimPatches are great, I have lost 4lb using them. Thank you Natural Patches! - Mrs. H. Smart

Really surprised, a great product lost 3lb in the first week, the patch took away all my cravings and I managed to give up all the bad things I can't normally resist. - J Black, Chelmsford

Lost 2lb over the first week. Would definately recommend it. - Jenny Turner, Mansfield

I have lost a 14lb and it was very easy.I have tried all sorts of products in the past, some of which have worked OK, but none as good and as simple as these patches. I have told 2 of my friends about your site, as they noticed my weight loss. The delivery was very fast too. - Karen Hall, Blackpool

I received great service from Natural Patches, I placed my order at 3pm and it arrived the next morning.  I was a little dubious about purchasing SlimPatches but they really do work. - Clare, Preston

Menopause Patch

Any woman who has gone through menopause will tell you just how difficult it can be. The Menopause Patch certainly helped me during my tropical moments. - Mary, St Ives

My partner commented that my moods were less dramatic when I started with these patches. I also felt that I had considerably more energy and just generally that I was far less stressed. - Mandy, Nottingham

A friend gave me some Natural Patches, Menopause Patches to try - they are just great!  Also so easy to use. - Elizabeth, Essex

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